What is the Quality of Diesel watches?

As a brand, Diesel was started by an Italian fashion designer named Renzo Rosso. At one point of time, Renzo was commonly referred to as a ‘Jeans Genius’ by some of his peers. The success of the Diesel as fashion accessories owes a large part to Renzo’s boldness and creativity in the space of marketing and entrepreneurship. Today, Diesel is one of the world’s leading fashion accessories makers, producing accessories that range from clothings to jeans and sunglasses to timeframes.

One question that often gets asked is what is the quality of Diesel watches? In case you are wondering, the price range of Diesel watches is in the low hundreds with most of Diesel watches falling between the $100-$300 price bucket. To answer the question about quality, let us first ask ourselves what is the price that you are paying for your Diesel watches? Are they too little? Or are they too much? Are they expensive? Or are they cheap?

Expensive is a subjective question and it is not one that has an absolute answer to it. Watch seekers are generally divided into two camps. The first camp is where all the watch geeks belong to. People in this camp are what I considered to be super savvy watch users who are extremely particular about what goes inside a watch rather than what goes on the exterior of a watch. The second camp is where all the fashion geeks belong to. People in this camp are what I considered to be super savvy fashion mongers who are extremely particular about every little things attached to their body. What I’m saying is these people give little damn about what goes inside a watch. Instead, a watch is just another fashion accessories and it better look good when worn and paired with other fashion accessories.

The price bar that determines an item is expensive or cheap is set based on what the buyer perceived as good or bad. If the a buyer sees a particular item as highly valuable and assigned a high index of goodness to it, then he would be more than willing to spend more money on the item. Even when it is considered a hefty sum by some, to the buyer, he would tell you that it is cheap. On the other hand, if a buyer sees a particular item as something of little or no value and assign a very low index of goodness to it, charge him a penny and he would be screaming expensive.

As you can see from the two different world of watch seekers, their perspective of goodness are totally opposite. In the world of watch geeks, they define good based on the movement powering up every tick of the watch. They can be specific about whether it is a quartz or mechanical, whether it is a Swiss or Japanese. Diesel watches are what many considered as fashion watches. Fashion watches are nothing but the fringe product from usually renowned fashion labels. As they are non watch specialists, there is little to expect from them on what kind of components that go into their watches and the same applies to Diesel watches. Before buying a Diesel watch, take note of this into your price consideration.

The opposite of nitty gritty component details of a watch is the look and feel of a watch. In the world of fashion geeks, they define good based on what their hearts and eyes perceived as good. Their criteria is usually much simpler. Does the watch feature the latest in style fashion trends? Does the watch look cool when worn? These are the two questions that typical fashion watches only need to address to be popular. Fashion geeks do not give a darn about the precision, accuracy and the ticking sound that brings enjoyment to mechanical watch collectors.

In conclusion, the quality of Diesel watches depends on what your definition of quality. If you are looking for a watch that can last you for decades, then you are probably looking at the wrong brand. Typical lifespan of fashion watches is usually no more than 5 years. And being fashion watches they are, do you think a watch that looks cool today will still look cool 5 years down the road? But if your definition of quality is high fashion, cool and funky look, then you are on the right track. Diesel watches are built for those purposes.

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